A mother’s instinct…believe it!!

My mom particularly was so sad to see her daughter in pain.. She advised me to recall, what “bad things” i might have done to anybody, friends, colleagues.. anybody. I tried to recall and found no clue in my head… Then she quietly searched my bedroom, under the bed, in the cupboards, everywhere!!

Aaannnddddd…. yes….Finally she felt something carefully sewn to my bed’s headrest. she quickly ran to me and asked me what that was… OMG… My man and I quickly went into the bedroom and having goosebumps, I rubbed slowly to that part… My man quickly grabbed a cutter and took it out!!… It was 3 pieces of turmeric, dried but still in tact, carefully sewn inside a small black pouch.. How did it get there???? With tears in my eyes, I just remembered that I was the one sewing it into our bed’s headrest… Why? When?? it all came flashing back to my head!!πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Voodoo.. It does exist:(

Its been years and we fought almost nightly.. From staying in a small bungalow, to moving out to a bigger house and asked my mom and siblings to stay with me. They all saw it, witnessed all the fights. We were quarrelling, shouting, yelling to each other, going on from inside the bedroom to the living room and to the house compoundπŸ˜’.

My bff also saw us changing.. .From a happily married couple to a disaster. She quietly told me one day to go seek for help as she observed my man to be skinnier everyday… Well, i didnt realize that…

So we did seek for help after getting advices from my mother, my mother-in-law and siblings. They also wondered why was my man’s face frowning all the time, unhappy and helpless.. After saying all these, then i realized..Yes, my man lost weight… big difference… He looked like a kid!!

Our house, as mentioned by my bff, was full of sorrow… The lights in the house were all ‘dimmed’, she mentioned… And the most awful thing that i recalled after told all this, we fought only once we got into the bedroom!!!! We were all fine outside of the bedroom..

But once stepping into it, we would fight even over the smallest thing!!! πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜­ …

My man, was always suspicious to me!! There was one night, when he asked for my mobile phone and said, “Im keeping this phone with me, you might have someone talking to you behind my back!”.. I was surprised by his action but gave him the phone anyway.. Not in the mood for another fight…

Then, while i was asleep, he suddenly jumped onto me and yelled, “Who was that you’re talking to on the phone??!!” I was shocked and stunt for a while… sadly with tears saying to him, “Honey, I dont even have my phone with me, it was with you all the time!! Then he jumped out of the bed and grabbed a big knife!!

He ran out and i followed him. He sneaked into the bush at our backyard. I asked him what was he trying to do. He furiously said, ” I would kill anybody who has been messing around with you, even if its my younger brother!!!”

I was crushed to hear and see that action of his… From that moment, I then knew, something was really wrong and i have to do something about it urgently.

Black Magic in the modern world? Seriously???

My husband and I never fought… We compromised and had a great mutual understanding..Afterall, we love each other so much that there was nothing to fight about… All we did was laugh, had fun, raised our daughter happily and enjoyed our married life…

One day, we finally had our first fight. I was pregnant with my second child. Before the fight, my husband would sleep facing to the left, my little girl in the middle and I would face to the right. Its been happening a while but we didnt care.. Until one night when I turned on the aircond coz it felt hot in the bedroom and i was sweating, my husband turned it off coz he felt otherwise. My girl, sleeping in between us was also sweating like a pig…

After trying to get some sleep while turning the aircond on and off, he literally jumped out off his bed.. I was shocked.. He then furiously got out of the bedroom and slept oitside in the couch. I approached him and asked nicely. He yelled at me and shocking, i yelled back… We shouted to each other the whole night, trying to figure out what happened and why it happened.

That happened almost every night for months. i also realized that my little girl was not just sweating in her sleep, she was like being poured by a bucket of water, and the bed on her side was really wet… What happened actually????

Happily Married

Yea we got married, had our first daughter after 11 months and stayed in a small rental bungalow. It was cozy for just the 3 of us and we’re happy living independently.

I graduated as soon as i gave birth to my eldest and worked in the government sector. Yes, our financial situation was better and better… We lived happily until one day, during my second pregnancy……something mystique happening…

Ain’t it too fast?

His mother urged us to be engaged only 3 months after we were a couple… i tried to hold it since i was still studying… But she assures us, its just an engagement, just tying a knot..We can set the date for marriage after your graduation … So yes, we got engaged on his birthday….

Guess what? It didnt stop there!!! Hahahaha… My fiance rang me with a shocking news… he’s dying?? No!!!! His mom wanted us to get married sooner… How soon? Next weekπŸ˜…πŸ˜……

Oh my…. I said Im not prepared… I didnt even have any savings for the wedding… He calmed me down and told me that he’s arranging everything…

So we got married the following month, not week!!πŸ˜†.. It was one h*** of a prep.. but it went well, as planned… phewwww….

Aaannndddd our journey begins….. Is he really the right guy whom i adore and wished for??

He wins My Heart!!

A month after the multiple proposing incident, I asked the warden at my hostel about my options:

  1. My ex who left me but came back to give me another hope…..my heart and feelings: torn and gone.
  2. The fat wise guy with financial security but a playboy.my heart and feelings: like him and may love one day, secured financially but not secured in love.
  3. The widower who’s religious, kind, with secured job, sincere but afraid to admit his feelings.my heart and feelings: like him and may love one day, secured financially but not secured in love and fun life.
  4. The handsome average guy who has won all my heart butttttt, with less money.my heart and feelings: melting, like him so much, love his characters, love his kindness, love everything about him, but financially insecure..

Who will you choose? Who do you think won my heart?

Let’s get married!!

The fat guy proposed first… but seemed not too serious.. He bought a new sports car and I liked it… “You can have it, but it comes with the owner!!”… “i’ll go to your place to meet your parents next week, let’s do it”… I laughed and said, “You go ahead and meet them, but I can assure you I won’t be there!”….

Then i met the widower the next day and asked him, is it too soon to get married? He smiled and said, “I’ll go to your house next week with the proposal for marriage”… My eyes didn’t blink… I left him speechlessly.

2 days later my second ex went to see me..he said he got something urgent to talk about .. So he met me and yessss….. good guess… He asked me to marry him… I asked when? Next week… “i’ve been missing you and I know this is the right decision…..”

I left again and seek for my friend’s advice… yes, the tall, handsome guy who’s salary is just as much as my education allowance…. He kept quiet and said, “I know I’m nobody, I got nothing but I can make you happy… I will find a better job for you and we can try living it by getting engaged first”

Oh My!! The most speechless, anxious and traumatized week ever….

I went back to my hostel room and locked myself up… seeing nobody else for the rest of the day…..

Next in Line!!

I met a few guy friends whom we hang out with… 2 of them are 9 years older than me but very successful. The fat guy, the most successful one but a bit of a player… He would spent his money just to impress the girls he’s into… And yes, he did impress me with his sweet talks and convincing stories on how smart he is… The thing is… he’s fat and that came back to me on what my father told me.. small winky?🀭🀭..Oh no, trust me, not at all🀣🀣πŸ€ͺ.. and yes, we we went out several times, went abroad together just the 2 of us, but in no relationship…

At the same time, his friend also tried to court me.. He’s a widower with no kids.. also smart but a bit clumsy… not bad looking and also successful…. the thing is, he only told everybody that he likes me but me!!! He planned to propose to me once i finish my study!! We went out together sometimes, but well, he still didnt tell me his feelings although he showed sometimes…. until one day, he bluntly slapped a waitress’ ass right in front of my eyes!!! Hahahahaa.. it shocked me and made me think, is he really into me as others have been saying around?…

The last one was introduced to me by a friend. He’s tall, handsome, kind, showed high interest in me but…. with a very averagely paid job….

So guess who proposed??

The Options!!

4 men proposing at the same time??? Too good to be true huh!!! Well that’s the truth… I was 23 and was quite a ‘hottie’ since i broke up with the first guy…

The second guy made me his girlfriend a week after i broke up with the first. Pity him, I accepted but went on whining and talking about the first one to him. I was happy but not really in love with him, still hoping for the first to get back to me…

We went through a tough time but i could see his effort in showing me that he loves me with all his heart… We broke up, get back together, broke up again and together again, for more than 15 times in 3 years!!! Hahahahaha…

Finally, he left me by saying: My love to you was so pure… But you kept on adding plain water to the the concentrated rose syrup, to the purity. It gets less tasty everyday… and now its tasteless, just water….

Only then i realized that he was so sincere and faithful… but it was too late… So he left and i moved on….